Dryden Thomas is an Omaha-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist making baroque folk-pop about love, nature, and queerness. 

As the child of two music teachers, he started learning classical violin and viola as a toddler, anticipating becoming a professional violist. However, his teenage years exposed him to influences in alternative music, folk singer-songwriters, and music theatre. He started recording his own songs at age 15, with Garageband on a family computer. Throughout studying music theatre in college, he maintained this practice in relative secret. 

Just before graduation, he had an epiphany: what you do outside the expectations of others is your true calling. So he changed course, and seriously pursued composition and songwriting.

In 2019, he released his debut album, Waterbearer, which tells the story of a romance complicated by a simultaneous coming-out. His upcoming EP, Five Loves, approaches the subject from new angles, sharing anecdotes of friendship, marriage, and love for humanity.

He now produces with artists all over the world, including Yeva, Heirloome, and Eidolin Wraith, lending a handmade, orchestral touch to indie pop and folk.


Josephine (single)

Waterbearer (LP)

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In addition to my solo work, I’m lucky to have produced, arranged, and tracked with an international group of artists. My studio is humble, but has everything I need to create sweeping symphonic arrangements, minimalist synth-pop, and much in-between.

Past & Present Collaborators


Dryden is an incredible producer and collaborator. He was able to transform my simple acoustic and vocal arrangements into full blown productions of the highest quality. He is incredibly patient and cares deeply about being true to his client’s vision.


I worked with Dryden on my debut record, “Cycles” – he arranged the songs beautifully for a string quintet, and was an absolute dream to work with.

His attention to detail, his passion, and his true commitment to producing work that is not only excellent but that lives and breathes was inspiring.

Trickshooter Social Club

Dryden was so great to work with. Super talented, multi-faceted, with great instincts and taste. He was an awesome creative partner in shaping the song. And a total pro to work with.

Dryden Thomas Meints, Producer on SoundBetter


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